The summer of 1971 saw the beginning of 2 meter amateur radio in Estill County and Irvine, Kentucky via a GE Progress repeater donated by Bell South on the frequency of 146.22/146.82. It's call sign was WR4AYI.

Dr. T. Dwaine Riddell, PhD (W4AIA) 
  and David E. Cox (WB4UFD) with the help of Stew Haag (W4MO), Glenn Wise (WB4ZJB) and Tom (Oscar) Riddell (WB4AHP) located the repeater on Furnace Mountain at the WSKV Radio tower site and began operation.

In 1978 the repeater was moved to a site purchased by Dwaine and David dba as Estill Communications on Chestnut Mountain over looking Irvine.

W4AIA purchased Estill Communications and changing the name to Chestnut Mountain Communications in 1990.

In 1993, a  new 200' tower was constructed on the 1430' site and a Motorola Micor repeater with an ACC95 controler, began pumping 100 watts of power to the Phelps Dodge PD220 antenna at the top of the 200' tower. Emergency power is provided by a 10KW generator with auto start. 

Glenn Wise (WB4ZJB) and Dwight Rogers (KB4LMQ) joined Dwaine (W4AIA) in the Ham operation in the mid 90's and plans are in the works to replace the Micor with a
Motorola MSR 5000 repeater.  It's new call sign is W4CMR which stands for  Chestnut Mountain Repeater.

Aerial Photo by Glenn  Wise WB4ZJB






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      Dwight (KB4LMQ), Dwaine(W4AIA), Oscar (WB4AHP), Glenn (WB4ZJB)                    Dwaine (W4AIA)  and Father, Tom (WB4AHP) 1921-2000

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