Created by
T Dwaine Riddell




  Midi Arrangement

   written  by

  T Dwaine Riddell

 and preformed on a

  Suzuki Q-Chord


   Riddell Enterprises, Inc.  

  Do You Remember When ???

        Do You Remember When ???

               Do You Remember When ???



                                            The 57 Chevy was King of the Road!

   The hool-a-hoop was the craze of  kids and  adults alike

                             The jitter-bug was  in style and so was a  poodle skirt

         Call me at 600-J  it's a party line ... so what!

                                Brother Dave and I were spin' records at WIRV Radio

                     Elvis had all the Girls swoon' in the aisles   

                              We all got our kicks on Route 66

             We all hung out at The Wigwam, Jerry's or maybe the Eagles Nest

        Francis Green, Stinky & Plug made sure hot wax was in the Juke Box

                          We almost had Camelot!



                                                                                       For me, I cruised in my 65 Mustang, during the 60's and even found time for...       "The Fox"                                                                        

 Same 65' Mustang ...however, just like the rest of us ...gone thru a few changes!


                        "The Fox"               I  kept her too!                 My Wife Nancy


         And then,  "Doctor T"    had his own little  "FOX"

                                that's  "my little baby"

                                                        Pop's Best Buddy, Micah

                                                                                                                          "The New Fox Hunter"

                      Dr T Dwaine Riddell, PhD


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