Irvine Masonic Lodge #137
                                                                                        Irvine, Kentucky  40336

                                                 Irvine  Lodge #137      221  Broadway   Irvine, Ky

                  Past Master Pictures in Anti Room                                       Entrance to Lodge room from Anti Room

                   Master's Station in the East                                              Junior Warden Station and Master's Station


                     Senior Warden's Station                                                 Junior Warden and Senior Warden's Station


                              Dinning Room                                                        Head Chef, C.D. Noland in the Kitchen


Washington DC Travel Group with Congressman Fletcher             The Three Musketeers --Dwaine, Dwight and Glenn                            

                Blue Lodge meets at  7:00pm                   
       Chapter and Council  meets at   5:30pm                       Phone  606  723-2188

                  We meet on the Second  Thursday of each Month                                                        

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